The <title> element contains a heading or label for the main parts of a topic: the topic as a whole, sections, examples, and labelled content such as figures and tables. The element also can be used to provide a title for a map or a relationship table; when used in a relationship table, the title typically is used as a authoring convenience and is not rendered for display to an end user.

Content models

See appendix for information about this element in OASIS document type shells.


- topic/title


<topic id="topicid">
  <title rev="121212">Monitoring the patient following the procedure
    <draft-comment>deleted the word "during" and added the word "following"</draft-comment> 
    <!-- ... -->
    <fig id="fig-01">
      <title rev="121212">Patient-monitoring procedure flow following procedures
        <draft-comment>deleted the word "during" and added 
              the word "following"</draft-comment></title>
      <!-- ... -->
    <!-- ... -->


The following attributes are available on this element: Universal attribute group (without the Metadata attribute group), @base and @rev from the Metadata attribute group, and @outputclass.

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