Debug attribute group

The debug attributes group includes a set of debugging attributes that are normally hidden from authoring view. These attributes are defined for every DITA element.

These attributes are intended to store debugging information during intermediate processing. One possible implementation is to use @xtrf (xml-trace-filename) to store the original source file name through intermediate processing steps, and use @xtrc ( xml-trace-counter) to store an element counter for repositioning authoring tools at the originating element location. If values are assigned in this way in the first stage of a processing stream, values in these attributes can then be used for error recovery.


While this group of attributes is defined with the "Universal attribute group" within the specification, OASIS implementations of the DITA vocabulary do not currently group it with the common "univ-atts" attributes group.

These attributes are normally hidden from authors and exposed only to processing tools or editor macros. Values used in these attributes might be implementation-dependent.

xml-trace-filename, the original filename.
xml-trace-counter, an element counter for repositioning editors at a known edit location.

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