The <bookmeta> element contains information about the book that is not considered book content, such as copyright information, author information, and any classifications.

Content models

See appendix for information about this element in OASIS document type shells.


- map/topicmeta bookmap/bookmeta


In this example:

  • The <authorinformation> contains the content for a reader's comment form; the <maintainer> element references that author information to create the reader comment form.
  • The <prodinfo> element contains the book's product information. This includes the product name, and the version, release, and modification information.
  • The <bookid> element contains the book's form number and part number information. The <maintainer> element contains information about the current maintainer of the book; it might reference the <authorinformation> element to provide detailed information about an author that is also the current maintainer.
  • The <bookrights> element contains the book's copyright information.

This example makes heavy use of <authorinformation>, which is a domain element that OASIS delivers only with the <bookmap> specialization. However, other DTD, XSD Schema, or RELAX NG implementations of <bookmap> may not include the domain with <authorinformation>; likewise, <authorinformation> may be included in other document types.

  <authorinformation id="rcf">
      <addressdetails>ATTN: Dept XYZ<thoroughfare>3905 37th Street NW</thoroughfare>
        <locality>Rochester, MN<postalcode>55901</postalcode></locality>
        <contactnumber type="telephone">800-555-1212</contactnumber>
        <contactnumber type="fax">800-555-1213</contactnumber>
    <prodname>My Product</prodname>
    <vrmlist><vrm release="Release 1" version="Version 3"/></vrmlist>
    <maintainer href="#rcf"></maintainer>


The following attributes are available on this element: Universal attribute group and the attribute defined below.


By default, metadata in the map supplements or overrides metadata that is specified at the topic level, unless the @lockmeta attribute of the <topicmeta> element is set to "no". Allowable values are "yes", "no", and Using the -dita-use-conref-target value.

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