Use the <parameterentity> element to identify mentions of parameter entities, for example, "%keyword.content;". This element enables more precise semantic searching of the DITA source; it also enables distinct formatting, such as adding the percentage sign (%) or trailing semi-colon (;) delimiters to the parameter entity name. The content of the <parameterentity> element should be the entity name without the leading percentage sign or trailing semi-colon. This element is part of the XML mention domain.

Content models

See appendix for information about this element in OASIS document type shells.


+ topic/keyword markup-d/markupname xml-d/parameterentity


<p> ... The <parameterentity>p.content</parameterentity> parameter entity 
defines the content model for the <xmlelement>p</xmlelement> element.</p>
<p>To include the XML-mention domain in a DTD document-type shell, you must 
declare the <parameterentity>xml-d-dec</parameterentity> parameter entity.</p>


The following attributes are available on this element: Universal attribute group, @outputclass, and @keyref.

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