Example: Setting conditional processing values and groups

Conditional processing attributes can be used to classify content using either individual values or using groups.

Example: Simple product values

In the following example, the first configuration option applies only to the "extendedprod" product, while the second option applies to both "extendedprod" and to "baseprod". The entire <p> element containing the list applies to an audience of "administrator".

<p audience="administrator">Set the configuration options:
    <li product="extendedprod">Set foo to bar</li>
    <li product="basicprod extendedprod">Set your blink rate</li>
    <li>Do some other stuff</li>
    <li>Do a special thing for Linux</li>

Example: Grouped values on an attribute

The following example indicates that a step applies to one application server and two databases. Specifically, this step only applies when it is taken on the server "mySERVER"; likewise, it only applies when used with the databases "ABC" or "dbOtherName".

  <step><cmd>Common step</cmd></step>
  <step product="appserver(mySERVER) database(ABC dbOtherName)">
    <cmd>Do something special for databases ABC or OtherName when installing on mySERVER</cmd>
  <!-- additional steps -->

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