The <startflag> takes an optional image reference and an optional <alt-text> element for identifying the beginning of flagged content. If an image is specified, the specified image will be used to flag the beginning of the content, with the <alt-text> contents as alternative text. If <alt-text> is specified without an image, that text will be used to flag the content instead of an image. If no image and no <alt-text> are specified, then this element has no defined purpose. The <startflag> element is allowed inside either <prop> or <revprop>.


alt-text (optional)

Contained by

prop, revprop


See the example in the <val> description.


The following attribute is available on this element:

Provides a URI reference to the image file, using the same syntax as the @href attribute. See The @href attribute for information on supported values and processing implications.

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