Architectural attribute group

The architectural attributes group includes a set of attributes defined for document level elements such as <topic> and <map>. These attributes are intended to provide information about the DITA namespace, what level of DITA is in use, and what vocabulary modules are in use.
Designates the version of the architecture that is in use. The default value will increase with each release of DITA. This attribute is in the namespace "http://dita.​oasis-open.​org/​architecture/​2005/". This attribute is defined with the XML data type CDATA, but uses a default value of the current version of DITA. The current default is "1.3".
Declares the default DITA namespace. Although this is technically a namespace rather than an attribute, it is included here because it is specified as an attribute in the DTD grammar files distributed by OASIS. The value is fixed to "http://dita.​oasis-open.​org/​architecture/​2005/".
Indicates the specialized domains that are included in the DTD or Schema. This attribute is defined with the XML data type CDATA, and each new document type SHOULD specify a default. The value will differ depending on what domains are included in the current DTD or Schema; a sample value is "(topic ui-d) (topic hi-d) (topic pr-d) (topic sw-d) (topic ut-d) (topic indexing-d)".

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