Topic domains: Basic DITA

A DITA vocabulary domain defines a set of elements associated with a particular subject area or authoring requirement regardless of topic type. DITA incorporates three domains into the basic DITA content: typographic, utilities, and indexing. Other domains are incorporated into the DITA Technical Content and Learning and Training specializations.

The elements in a domain are defined in a domain module. A domain module can be integrated with a topic type to make the domain elements available within the topic type structure. The following domains are provided as part of basic DITA:

DITA topic domains: Basic DITA

Domain Description Short name Module name
Typographic For highlighting when the appropriate semantic element doesn't exist yet hi-d
highlightDomain.mod (DTD)
highlightDomain.xsd (Schema)
Utilities For providing imagemaps and other useful structures ut-d
utilitiesDomain.mod (DTD)
utilitiesDomain.xsd (Schema)
Indexing For extended indexing functions such as see and see-also indexing-d
indexingDomain.mod (DTD)
indexingDomain.xsd (Schema)

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