localization-atts attribute group

The "localization-atts" attribute group defines a set of common attributes related to translation and localization. These attributes are available on most DITA elements.


Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
translate Indicates whether the content of the element should be translated or not. The DITA architectural specification contains a list of each OASIS DITA element and its common processing default for the translate value. yes | no | -dita-use-​conref-​target #IMPLIED No
xml:lang Specifies the language of the element content. The xml:lang attribute and its values are described in the XML Recommendation at http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml/#sec-lang-tag. language token or the null string #IMPLIED No
dir Specifies the directionality of text: left-to-right (ltr, the processing default) or right-to-left (rtl). The value lro indicates an override of normal bidi text presentation, forcing the element into left-to-right mode; rlo overrides normal rules to force right-to-left presentation. See The dir attribute for more information on the dir attribute. (ltr | rtl | lro | rlo | -dita-use-​conref-​target) #IMPLIED No
The translate, xml:lang, and dir attributes identify language-specific words or phrases for specific processing (or non-processing, in the case of translate="no").
<p>The cordial response to the question is 
<q translate="no" xml:lang="de-de" dir="ltr">nein.</q></p>

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