DITAVAL elements

A conditional processing profile (DITAVAL file) is used to identify which values are to be used for conditional processing during a particular output, build, or some other purpose. The profile should have an extension of .ditaval.

The DITAVAL format has several elements: val, the root element, can contain a style-conflict element followed by prop or revprop elements; the prop and revprop elements can contain startflag and endflag elements; and the startflag and endflag elements can contain alt-text elements.

jeff ogden: wanted this in a new section of the spec rather than under common attributes. now done. Also questioned whether it was normative. Reviewed with TC, and confirmed: the ditaval format was not normative in 1.0, it is normative in 1.1. There was some old wording from 1.0 earlier that confused the issue, I've removed it.

Notes on ditaval messages

Conditional processing code should provide a report of any attribute values encountered in content that do not have an explicit action associated with them.

Note on ditaval flagging of images

If an image in DITA content becomes flagged using a background color, the color should be represented as a thick border. If a foreground color is expressed, it should be represented as a thin border.

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