File naming conventions

DITA uses certain naming conventions and file extension for topics, maps, modules, and document-type implementation files.

Files that contain DITA content should use the following naming conventions:

DITA topics
  • *.dita (recommended)
  • *.xml
DITA maps
Conditional processing profiles

Files that define DITA document-type components must use the following naming conventions:

Document-type shell files
  • typename.dtd
  • typename.xsd

Where typename is the name of the intended root topic or map type defined by the document type shell or, as needed, a name that clearly identifies both the intended root map or topic type and distinguishes the document type shell from other shells for the same root type.


For example, the OASIS-provided document-type shells for technical content include two different document-type shells for the task topic type: task.dtd and generalTask.dtd, where task.dtd includes the strict task body constraint module and generalTask.dtd does not.

DTD structural module files
  • typename.mod
  • typename.ent
DTD domain module files
  • typenameDomain.mod
  • typenameDomain.ent
DTD constraint module files
Schema structural module files
  • typenameMod.xsd
  • typenameGrp.xsd
Schema domain module files
Schema constraint module files
  • constraintnameConstraintMod.xsd
  • constraintnameConstraintIntMod.xsd

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