Other common DITA attributes

The following attributes are not part of an entity group but are common to many elements.
Name Description Data Type Default Value Required?
keyref Keyref provides a redirectable reference based on a key defined within a map. See The keyref attribute for information on using this attribute. CDATA #IMPLIED No
outputclass Names a role that the element is playing. The role must be consistent with the basic semantic and expectations for the element. In particular, the outputclass attribute can be used for styling during output processing; HTML output will typically preserve outputclass for CSS processing. CDATA #IMPLIED No
class Not for use by authors. If an editor displays class attribute values, do not edit them. The class attribute supports specialization. Its predefined values allow DITA tools to work correctly with ranges of related content. In a generalized DITA document the class attribute value in the generalized instance may differ from the default value for the class attribute for the element as given in the DTD or schema. See Element type specialization hierarchy declaration (the @class attribute) for more information. CDATA Default value differs for each element Yes
xml:space This attribute is provided on <pre>, <lines>, and on elements specialized from them. It ensures that parsers in editors and transforms respect the white space, including line-end characters, that is part of the data in those elements. It is intended to be part of the default properties of these elements, and not for authors to change or delete. (preserve) preserve No

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