Titania Interactive

Develop and deliver personalized, interactive content that guides your users and is driven by real-time inputs for more accurate performance of procedures, data reporting and analysis.

Making Your Content a Two-Way Communication

Companies routinely disseminate procedural and other step-based information to their consumers via a one-way information exchange; employees, partners, and customers receive static print or digital materials and take them into the field for use. Information in this case is only a one-way exchange going out to the consumer. Consider this process from a macro perspective and a disconnect is apparent. In the field feedback from the execution of tasks, results from tests, other procedural information is captured outside the information exchange environment, if they are captured at all. As a result, the return flow of information to those that need it most is delayed or, sometimes, prevented entirely.

Interactive Content Improves User Experience & Results

The interactive exchange of information made possible by Titania Interactive, and driven by user inputs, dramatically improves information delivery processes, alleviates much of the associated costs, and enables you to deliver content tailored to the specific needs of your users based on their current situation.

With Titania Interactive (formerly IDeA) no longer do technicians, field workers, students, installers, and other consumers of procedural content need to pore through lengthy documents and manuals or record results on paper to be re-keyed later. Relevant information is dynamically delivered, and results are captured and validated in real-time, at the point of execution.

With Titania Interactive, organizations can:

  • Deliver existing structured content interactively tailored to the specific needs

  • Guide content consumers through proper execution of procedures based on their inputs

  • Capture execution results of each procedure

  • Easily share captured data with tech support, product manufacturers, and anyone who needs it

  • Improve decision making through analysis of procedural data

  • Improve overall customer experience with your products

Robust Feature Set, Many Use Cases

Titania Interactive boasts a myriad of features that translate to real-world benefits and add value across a variety of industries, especially those relying on procedural documentation such as diagnostic procedures, installation manuals, training and certification material, work instructions, and service manuals.

Key features of Titania Interactive include:

  • Ability to leverage existing XML content, with native support for DITA

  • User interface controls to support desired interactivity, including check boxes, lists, date picker, radio buttons, and text boxes

  • Configurable to support business rules such as mandatory fields, allowable values and value ranges, and branching to specific content based on data values

  • Integrated data capture from end user or equipment

  • Support for multimedia such as movies, animations, and illustrations

Use Case Examples for Titania Interactive

Improve Customer Service Processes

With Titania Interactive, you can create personalized, interactive service and maintenance procedures that guide the technician through each task based on the user’s feedback at the point of execution. In addition, the feedback is captured and distributed to the call center, the manufacturer, and other appropriate recipients in your organization to facilitate better customer service and enable more effective future improvements.

Improve Products, Processes and Content with Analytics Reporting

Titania Interactive enables you to capture point-of-execution data, including user feedback, information about product performance, and the length of time required to complete a procedure. You can configure your interactive content to capture any type of data you require through user feedback and, if your products support it, by connecting Titania Interactive directly to the product. The data is captured and stored in a database, enabling you to run analysis on it and determine how to improve your products, your processes, and your information.

Improve Training Effectiveness

Titania Interactive enables you to create interactive training applications that simulate processes, step the student through tasks, and, based on the student’s performance, automatically deliver the appropriate training tasks to strengthen areas that require additional training. By delivering this type of interactive training, you enable personalized training for each student that capitalizes on the student’s strengths, identifies areas of improvement, and provides the appropriate training based on each individual student’s needs.

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