Titania Delivery

Simplify content delivery by enabling users to be in control of their content experience

Quickly and easily access exactly the information you need optimized for the device you are using.

Within your company and across your partner and consumer ecosystem, users want to find, share, reuse, comment on, assemble content and publish as needed. Titania Delivery enables you to easy meet all of these expectations.

Release the valuable information currently confined in repositories, long technical documents, and proprietary formats. Make all allowable content readily available on a portal that can be accessed from any computer or smart device.

Titania Delivery enables users to:

  • Search for and navigate to relevant topics and pre-built publication.

  • Assemble topics into personalized collections

  • Publish individual topics and collections on demand to desired output formats and media

  • Bookmark, annotate and provide feedback on topics

Titania Delivery enables your organization to:

  • Provide a single location for consumers to access your content

  • Automatically upload the most relevant, accurate and up-to-date content, graphics and publications to your web portal as soon as they are available

  • Reduce the cost of publishing, storing and distributing information

  • Reduce IT costs and effort using a hosted, scalable solution

  • Improve your content through direct feedback provided by your customers

  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing intuitive self-service capabilities for your users

  • Make better decisions by analyzing how customers are using your information

  • Increase visibility of your content

  • Increase revenue by monetizing your content assets

Titania Delivery includes all the critical capabilities in these key components:

  • Titania Sync

  • Content Delivery Repository

  • Collection Assembly

  • Cloud-based Publishing

  • Feedback & Comments

  • Administration Interface

Titania Sync

Automatically upload approved topics and publications to your content delivery repository

Capabilities include:

    • Synchronization of both XML and non-XML objects using query-based business rules

      • Resolves local file names and referenced components in XML objects

      • Optional inclusion of referenced dependents (e.g., graphics) required to make XML object complete

    • Use of filters to identify objects or groups of objects for inclusion in or exclusion from synchronization

    • Configuration for scheduling periodic synchronization tasks

    • Configuration for selecting full or incremental synchronizations

    • Ability to manually perform synchronizations

    • Scheduling of multiple synchronizations with different settings and filters to be run at different times

    • Transformation and publishing capabilities during synchronization

      • Publish content

      • Transform XML content

      • Dynamically assemble and publish pre-configured publications

      • Configure pre- and post-processing for synchronization tasks

Content Delivery Repository

Provide a content portal of approved content, topics and publications for easy access 24/7

Capabilities include:

  • Secure and scalable hosted solution

  • Advanced search capabilities, including metadata and full text searching

  • User management of roles, privileges and access permissions

  • Content uploads and downloads

  • Project creation for managing delivered content

  • Organization creation for managing project collections

  • Administration of projects and organization

Collection Assembly

Users assemble collections of information to create their own personalized publications

Capabilities include:

  • Search and navigation to desired topics (based on access privileges)

  • HTML preview of topics

  • Ability to add topics to selected collection

  • Collection management:

    • Define and update order of collection objects

    • Create hierarchy and division titles to organize information into chapters and sections or other divisions

    • Save, update, and delete collections

    • Receive notifications when topics are updated

  • On demand publishing

  • Supports DITA document types

Cloud-based Publishing

Publish topics and content collections on-demand to the output media of choice

Capabilities include:

  • Publishing individual topics or collections of topics

  • Selecting from a variety of output formats and media

  • Selecting from available stylesheets

  • Defining publishing variables, such as logos, branding elements, etc.

  • Administration capabilities:

    • Identify available document types for publishing

    • Identify available output media for publishing

    • Upload and associate stylesheets with document types and output formats and media

    • Define automatic and on-demand transformations

  • Supports DITA document types

Feedback and Comments

Improve planning, content quality, and customer satisfaction with built-in feedback and commenting

Capabilities include:

  • Allowing consumers to comment and provide feedback on content

  • Using web-based tools to provide feedback

  • Generating reports of all feedback on individual topics

  • Supports HTML outputs

Administration Interface

Manage your content delivery portal settings, users, content and automations with a user-friendly interface

With the administration interface, you can:

  • Create project and organization collections for uploaded content

  • Manage user roles, permissions and access controls

  • Configure content sync options and settings

  • Configure publishing options and settings

  • Upload and manage publishing stylesheets

  • Generate and access feedback reports

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